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God Only Knows

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This links page is for people who are working hard to raise money for various organisations that work hard to care for people, animals and forests in need. You will also find links to organisations that don't regularly/actively fundraise, but who give of their own money and time to ensure that there is shelter, food and a loving environment for as many creatures - two legged and four legged - as they can help. If you want to help and you don't have money to give to them, sending a supportive message, or passing their information on to others, is a wonderful way to show you care.

The Animal Rescue Site

If you visit this site and click on the big purple button, (you'll know when you see it!), you'll be giving free food and care to abandoned and neglected animals. It costs you NOTHING, and you can click on the button every day.

Save Japan Dolphins

Ric O'Barry is the Campaign Director for Save Japan Dolphins. He was involved in the making of a documentary called "The Cove", about the annual killing of over

20 000 dolphins and porpoises in Taiji, Japan. The purpose of the documentary is to enlighten, not to judge. 

If you visit the website, you can see more details about the documentary, and can sign a petition against the practice.

Happy Paws Haven

Sally Rogers runs Happy Paws Haven, a shelter primarily for cats, but with some dogs, that keeps animals alive and well until they find a home. If you are looking for a new family friend to adopt, have a look at Sally's website - there are photos and descriptions of all of the animals under her and her volunteers' care. The site also links in with other animal welfare/rescue groups around the country.