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The Woman's Garden

Wash Your Spirit Clean

Walela (Walela)


On this links page is a list of websites, email addresses and phone numbers, all of which will connect you with some very inspirational people.

Dr Daniele Behn Smith

In a thirteen part documentary series which appeared on SBS, Canadian First Nations woman Daniele makes a quest across six continents to reconnect with ancient natural healing methods. Now available on DVD, this is a truly inspiring story, and well worth a look. Information about Daniele and photos of her journey can be found online (Daniele's website is currently unavailable, but there's still plenty of information about her on the web).

Energy Of Life

(Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane, Qld)

Sue George

Sue George is a Practitioner who Heals from the Heart. Eminently qualified in the world of commerce, Sue has been running her own businesses for years. Feeling the need to take a detour and see what else life had to teach her, Sue found herself walking down a road that was at once both strange and familiar. This led to her discovering her ability to contribute to the world in other ways; a true Calling.

Sue has now obtained the following qualifications:


Energy Healing


Readings And Workshops


Life Purpose Consultations; Self Awareness Through Colour

Ph: 0401264158

The Australian Psychics Association

(Eastlakes, NSW).

The APA is an organisation which supports and promotes professionalism in the world of Psychics. On their website, you will find a wide selection of qualified Psychics throughout Australia.

Ph: 61 - 2 - 9368 1177

The International Psychics Association

Due to numerous requests from overseas Psychics, the idea for the IPA was born! This organisation is an extension of the APA, and its' website will be up and running in early 2009. On this site you will be able to access Psychics worldwide.


(Rye, Victoria)

The beautiful Willow - an Earth Angel, if ever I've met one. Through her extensive studies in the Healing Arena over the course of 20 odd years, her devotion to Art, and her passionate commitment to the Earth, Willow is able to offer you a Healing experience that is truly unique.

(Examples of Willow's sculptures).