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The Woman's Garden


This links page contains websites of people who are offering Healing up in other ways - through their ability to sculpt, sing, make jewellery, weave, garden; the possibilities are endless! In their own ways, they are all adding their Light to this world.


(London based)

The beautiful, multi-talented songstress. See what she's up to in England!


(Texas, USA)

Laurianna runs a website designed to help mothers everywhere! The site offers free advertising for women who work/run businesses from home, and you can also connect in with other women in similar positions to you, through message boards. Networking amongst all mothers, not just those who work from home, is greatly encouraged!

Oprah Winfrey


So, just about everyone on the planet knows Oprah, so there's not a great deal I need to say about what she does! I'm adding her to my links section, because I feel that the way she has used and continues to use the opportunity that's been given to her to make a difference in the world, is a wonderful example. I admire this example a great deal.

Witches Moon

(US based).

If you want to buy a beautiful, handmade Book Of Shadows, or a variety of other Magickal tools, then visit this wonderully creative site.